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You are an artist in the field of fine arts and would like to make your best work accessible to an extremely broad audience in Oldenburg (Germany) in an uncomplicated and unconventional way?

Then apply until


for KUNST STATT KOMMERZ 2020. How you do it and which requirements you have to meet can be found below:

1) You can take part in the application phase if you are at least 18 years of age and come from, live in or are associated with the Bremen, Groningen or Oldenburg regions.

The application is free of charge!

2) With your application, you confirm that you agree and accept the rules of the project.

3) Each applicant may apply for the project „KUNST STATT KOMMERZ 2020“ only once with one entry. It is up to you whether portrait or landscape format. Multiple applications will be ignored if there has been no previous communication. A change of the motive is generally not allowed after the application phase is over.

4) Since the exact number of advertising spaces and the exact exhibition period have not yet been determined, we cannot yet make any binding statement on the number of motive to be published. We are aiming to post the motives for the period from the end of August to September.

5) We have a mixed selection procedure, which is based on an internal points system in the first round and a jury decision in the second round. The jury’s decisions are subject to the condition precedent that the motives are allowed to be shown (see below).

6) The publication of all potential motives is subject to the approval of the respective advertising space provider. If the motives are located on non-public grounds, an additional motive approval procedure by the owner(s) may be necessary. Accordingly, works selected by the jury may be rejected during the motive approval procedure.

7) We use your personal data exclusively for the purpose of carrying out this project. Please send us the completed data protection declaration with your application. Applications whose data protection declaration has not been completed in full or has not been sent with the application will not be considered in the selection process.

8) All motifs that meet the requirements of No. 6 will be shown publicly for a period of approximately 10 days. In individual cases, longer visibility may be achieved by suspending the sticking over of the poster panels. For the purpose of advertising and documenting the project, we will also make the motifs visible on our website and, if necessary, use them in printed form.

9) We reserve the right to exclude submissions and remove them from our publications if the following requirements are not met:

  • You own the exclusive copyright and are the creator of the submission.
  • You have the right, also in relation to third parties, to submit the entry to this competition.
  • You ensure that your submitted entries do not contain any political, religious, sexist, youth-endangering and/or racist content. If the art violates common decency, the criminal law or the road traffic regulations (including poster motifs in the design of street signs), the contractor (provider of the poster panels) is entitled to refuse orders. Advertising for political parties, religious groups, and politically motivated organizations as well as for private purposes and for the purpose of expressing private or political opinions is subject to approval in any case.
  • To the best of your knowledge, the submission does not contain any material that constitutes or encourages conduct that would be considered a criminal offense or otherwise violate applicable law.
  • The submission does not infringe in any way on the copyrights, trademark(s), or intellectual property rights of any third party and in particular does not contain any: 
    • Trademarks owned by third parties,
    • materials that third parties have copyrighted or 
    • References such as names, visual similarities or the like to living or already deceased prominent persons or other persons of public life

10) In the event of a violation, you will indemnify us in respect of any fees, claims for damages or other amounts due to third parties.

11) You are responsible for ensuring that all the people pictured on your entry have given their consent to be pictured and to have this picture published. You are also responsible for ensuring that these persons were also authorized to give you the appropriate consent.

12) All necessary permissions, such as admission permits, must have been obtained from you.

 13) The unrestricted copyright for each entry remains with the participant.

14) All applicants agree that all entries submitted for the project may be reproduced (with mention of the artist’s copyright) and used on all media for the realisation and promotion of the project „KUNST STATT KOMMERZ 2020“ and „The Hidden Art Project“. You hereby give us the right to use the submitted works for advertising purposes.

15) Each entry that is used by us will be accompanied by the mention of the artist. Should it happen in individual cases that the artist is not named, this does not immediately lead to a violation of the contract, as long as all necessary measures are taken to correct this error within a reasonable period of time from the time of becoming aware of it. 

16) You hereby give your permission for your motive and name to be used for advertising purposes and to promote the project. 

17) Your application consists of the following parts:

  • Your application motive in a common data format for graphics with a maximum file size of 1 MB (.jpg, .png, .tiff, etc.)
  • The description of the application motif in a text file (.txt), which will later be published online unchanged to the motive
  • A short CV of you with all important contact information like address, phone number, email, instagram, homepage, etc.
  • The signed privacy policy/registration form.
    (You can find it here)

Please make sure that the files are named consistently, as this makes it easier for us to organize your data. This looks like the following:

  • Lastname_Firstname_KsK2020_Motive.jpg
    (or different data types)
  • Lastname_Firstname_KsK2020_Description.txt
  • Lastname_Firstname_KsK2020_Vita.pdf
    (or different data types)
  • Lastname_Firstname_KsK2020_Privacy_policy.pdf
    (or different data types)

Please send your documents to with the subject:

[Kunst statt Kommerz 2020] Application

Since we save the application automatically in the first step, please pay attention to the exact spelling!
Just copy-paste it

If you have done everything correctly, you will receive a confirmation e-mail within a short time that your documents have been received.
If not, it is mostly because the mail subject was entered incorrectly.

18) After the announcement of the selection of the motives in August, which were selected by the jury, the artists are requested to send us the corresponding motive in print resolution within 24 hours. If the minimum requirements for the printable version (dimensions of 594 mm x 420 mm or 420 mm x 594 mm at a resolution of 300 dpi) are not met, if the quality is not printable despite the appropriate resolution or if the deadline is exceeded, we reserve the right to reallocate the exhibition space. There is no claim to publication.