the ROOMERS project

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We are The Hidden Art Project, an artists‘ collective and a non-profit artists‘ support organisation, and we are looking for creators for an extraordinary, collectively designed exhibition in the synergy field of visual, performing and digital arts. Apply now free of charge for the roomers project, which will take place in Oldenburg from 10_09_21 to 19_09_21. In the roomers project, we invite Oldenburg, Bremen and Gronigen artists and collectives from the fields of visual, performing and digital arts to take advantage of the opportunity to work collectively and across disciplines on the theme of freedom of expression and thus also of debate, acceptance and compromise. As the name suggests, this is a metaphorical experiment in living together. In the process, the habitus of communality is transcribed and translated onto diversely acting levels. An emblematic residential community of the arts confronts the question of how we want to define and discuss freedom of expression across generations. In addition, the shared character creates a meta-level of confrontation with oneself and the nature of creation itself. The polarisation of opinion through differently perceived reporting and knowledge bubbles leads to a perceived restriction of what can be said in our society. What is the state of freedom of expression and free public discourse since more than a year of the pandemic? In four shop premises in Oldenburg’s city centre, we answer these questions together in an amalgamation of abstract installations, performative presentations and digital elements. The roomers project is not about exhibiting already existing artworks, but about collectively working out a symbiotic interweaving of art disciplines that will result in a multidisciplinary exhibition. Existing ideas, concepts and works are welcome to be brought in and developed further. We, the collective of The Hidden Art Project, would like to deal with this apparent phenomenon of the current state of affairs in Germany and the Netherlands, together with YOU, in this extraordinary art and culture project.
The project will take place over four phases, which we have summarised below in a short timeline. Please understand that once accepted, participation in each of these phases is compulsory and exceptions can only be made in individual cases. 1) The application phase is open from 01_07_21 to 30_07_21. We will evaluate all entries on 01_08_21 and let you know within 3 days whether we will be playing in Oldenburg city centre together. 2) On 21& 22_08_21 there will be a binding 2-day workshop in Oldenburg, where we will get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere, exchange our ideas, find groups for the corresponding spaces and concretise the ideas that have arisen. We will send out detailed information about the workshop after we have received the confirmations. 3) From 01_09_21 to 10_09_21 the set-up and rehearsals for the event will take place. 4) The event itself will run from 10_09_21 to 19_09_21. On 8 days, the respective presentations/performances will take place alternating days in one of the four locations. There are material budgets for each venue. We can pay each of you an honorarium of 500 Euros, a travel allowance for the workshop, the set-up phase and the event. In addition, we have organised accommodation in Oldenburg for all artists living abroad for these times. We are looking forward to you, to working together, to an exciting time and to an extraordinary exhibition! – THE HIDDEN ART PROJECT Here is a summary of the formalities of the call for applications: a) Applications are open to individual artists and collectives (max. 5 people) who live in or come from the regions of Bremen, Groningen or Oldenburg or are connected to these regions. b) We are looking for artists and collectives who can work installatively, performatively or digitally. c) The minimum age is 18 years. d) The application is free of charge. e) With your application you confirm that you agree with and accept the rules of the project. f) In order to apply, please send us – a short but expressive description (preferably with a picture) in the form of text or video of you or your collective (the content is much more important than the quality of the video), – links to your homepage(s), projects and/or also – videos (as a link) and/or images of previous work (all images not larger than 10 MB please) and the application form (one form per person) with the declaration of consent for the rights to use images, sound and video recordings made during the event, to:
We will only use your personal data for the purpose of carrying out this project.