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: reclaim :

until 22.05.2022 free of charge for a collective exhibition as part of the cultural festival of the same name

The venue is a currently vacant shop in Oldenburg’s city centre, which will be reclaimed for Oldenburg’s urban society this summer by various cooperation partners in the course of independently organised event evenings. For a multi-layered and diversified reconquering, which we condense under the imperative re:claim, is the essential foundation of this project.

But what is worth reconquering? This challenge is currently faced not only by cultural actors from the entire metropolitan region, but also by the residents of Oldenburg: To claim the city centre as the original centre of urban life physically and psychologically anew; to demand democracy, diversity of opinion and freedom in the current geopolitical explosiveness of the Ukraine conflict; to enable minorised cultural as well as sexual and gender identities to become visible; to successively rediscover self-development and finally one’s own life in the context of an exceptional pandemic situation – this is what we have to explore, realise and ultimately reconquer together within the framework of our cultural festival re:claim.

Please apply with your digital portfolio at

We look forward to receiving your application!

Here is a summary of the formalities of the call for applications:

a) Individual artists from the regions of Bremen, Hamburg, Groningen or Oldenburg can apply.

b) We are looking for artists who have worked on the theme of „reclaim“ in installations, paintings or digitally.

c) The minimum age is 18 years.

d) The application is free of charge.

e) With your application you confirm that you agree with and accept the rules of the project (which can be found on the application form).

f) In order to apply, please send us:

  • a short but expressive description (preferably with a picture),
  • links to your homepage(s), project(s) and/or also videos
  • videos (as a link) and/or images of max. 5 works on the theme of „reclaim“ (all images please not larger than 10 MB) and
  • application form (one form per person) with the declaration of consent for the use of image, sound and video recordings made during the event, to