Calligraphie | Collage | Graffiti | Stencil | Streetart

We are Graffiti artists. Wasted talent from the blocks that grew up scribbling with giveaway-pens and industry-leftovers on already printed paper, existing paintings as well as furniture.

On wood, metal, plastic waste. Not because of some upcycling trends. It’s all out there already.

Because of an intrinsic motivation, for adding our own story to what’s already there. To leave a mark. To modify our surroundings as we like to see it.

Graffiti is very temporary art. You’re working hours to weeks on something, that’s just getting painted over the day after.

But fuck it, everything is fast-paced today. We are – or someone out there is – just going to create something new.

You can make a piece of self-realization out of everything. Leave a small piece of yourself out there.

Every single one of you might as well create something new out of our works, actually we hope you will.