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The mask that transforms, that imitates, that frightens, carries a primordial power. Through the depths of time, the mask, within its versatility, has touched every culture. The game of concealment and revelation is used as a tool of spiritual exploration to this day. It creates a condition of transcendence, of distancing from the self, it abolishes identity. It allows its bearer to embody something higher – stronger. These are the qualities that drew me to the mask as a symbol and an art object.

In my attempt to combine mask-making and printmaking, I was led in a process of breaking down the mass of each mask into its two-dimensional parts. These pieces get transferred onto the zinc plate and the „pattern“ they form constitutes the basis of the etching. The result of the printing process is a standalone artwork which can, however, be cut up and reassembled, assuming the shape of the original sculpt, as a three-dimensional printed mask.

Sources of influence and inspiration for my work include the stage masks of Commedia dell’arte, the warrior masks of the samurai, the ritualistic masks of shamanic practices and the Mycenaean funerary masks.