Jiajia Li


Jiajia Li is an artist and fashion illustrator from China. She currently lives in Germany. In her expressive drawings, the artist has developed her own visual language. It is her own ongoing mental process while interacting with the outside world that interests her, it is emotions she experienced that she wants to address in her visual creations.

She wants to analyse her own emotions – how they form, develop, reform, and then reclaim. This process occurs in a perpetual cycle. What are the factors that lead to reclaiming: sexual orientation, cultural roots, blood ties, etc.? There are all kinds of emotions, and liberty is one of the most vital ones that the artist wants to uncover. There are times she experiences this. But is liberty just a momentary feeling? There are moments she breaks out and then she does a twist and has this feeling of liberty.
But that moment is like a flame that burns vibrantly but dies out quickly. By not hiding away from her emotions, but confronting them, she hopes to get closer to her inner self and find her true liberty.